Monday, March 5, 2007


I was thinking about my style recently. The way I dress to be specific.
I always tell my friends to watch what I wear because I predict fashion trends.


I really liked peasant tops and skirts right before they were all over the place. I started looking for lacy stuff at thrift stores - boom - they were in all the stores. Black, white and red is all over now. Plastic jewelry too. Shirts w/ patterns all over instead of just the center. Tons of people in my dorm dying their hair red. On, and on...

So as I look at the rack of clothes w/ tons of really cool shirts that fit my style, I am actually disappointed. I hate when things are everywhere. I don't like trends, in fact I avoid them. It's not that I do things just for the sake of being different, I just don't like to do things because everyone else is. I want to be an individual, not white noise that fades into the background.
Then I thought about how dumb that is. When something I like becomes popular, I don't like it anymore and I don't give popular things a chance. So, by doing this I am not really being myself at all which is what I was worried about to begin with. I have to remind myself that if I like something it doesn't matter if people do or don't.

I love to shop at goodwill. Actually, my mom bought me that dinosaur shirt there when I was in, maybe 1st grade (bottom photo).The red dress is from there, $5. I painted the city on there and added the button and chains. My friend Michelle sewed the back into a V and put more chains crisscrossing on it.

In high school there were so many people that dressed funky like me, and then I came to college. No one dresses like me. I stand out more than I realize sometimes. It's cool though, whenever there is a costume event people come knocking at my door.

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