Tuesday, May 22, 2007

You Could Have It So Much Better

I just have to brag for a while about how amazing my family is at bargain shopping. I am totally proud of our Thrift store stops, garage sale excursions, and B-lines to the clearance isles. the most recent amazing find, a brand new love seat and end table. Meredith and I were shopping at goodwill, she saw them bring the sofa out of the back, we followed them to the front where they set it up with the little end table. I called our parents to tell them to hurry over and we hovered around it till they came in. Good thing we were quick because as we got in line with the ticket another family came in and sat on it. As my parents pulled out the credit card, they pulled out the measuring tape, and we had to break it to them that they were too late. Indeed we are Jedi masters of the thrift.
Our basement feels complete now. The new love seat is the same fabric as our other basement couches, but a different color. It matches perfect with the dress of the girl in my painting...

How much for this you ask? Love Seat = $100 Table = $25
The couch is from Rowe, and the fabric has some special stain guard treatment.

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