Saturday, June 9, 2007

Childhood Memories

What a day. We went back to my old neighborhood for a trip down my memory lane. I have not really been back there since I lived there eight years ago. We saw my favorite park, and if you look past the sign in the picture you can see a rock. This rock has a plaque on it with the names of me and everyone else in my 5th grade class because we raised a lot of money to plant trees and things in the park. I was very glad to see that it was still there. It really makes me feel like it really is my park. We had a lovely picnic lunch there, found some graffiti, and then went for a stroll past my old house and my elementary school. It closed down after my 5th grade year and now it has been made into an apartment building. Then it was off to Bonnie Doon for some really awesome ice cream! We cam back and it was time for Hannah to be the tour guide. She drove us around where she has grown up and off to the beach that is actually named for her family and one other family that both founded it. We got to see the sunset over Lake Michigan, as we waved across to Chicago. Everyone has had such an amazing time. I hope we can do more things like this in the future.

(British Sea Power)

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