Monday, September 3, 2007

Come On! Feel The Illinoise!

Well, I have been in classes for about a week now.
Art History just might kill me.
Typography is awesome, but very time consuming.
I have made some truly fantastic new friends, and I am so glad to be near my dear old friends again.
Life in The Tower is awesome.
Nancy and I are ridiculous together.
Barb mostly just shakes her head.
Having a TV rocks, especially when you buy a DVD player.
I bought a Camera Obscura cd and it is really amazing. Where have they been all my life?
Soon I will be learning how to use oil paints.
New painting teacher. He's cool.
He wore a Sufjan Stevens shirt to class.
You can never have too much Sufjan.

(Sufjan Stevens)

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royaloaker said...

Can you take a study break? Tag, you're it!