Monday, October 15, 2007

Me & My Friends

Yesterday was the big day - the Kevin Devine concert. Nancy and Gregg headed into the city for a film festival. Me, Barb, and Chris headed down around lunch so that Barb could meet up with her cousins to eat. Chris and I explored belmont and ended up finding some really sweet stores. Reckless Records was awesome, but a little overwhelming and crowded. I bought that really funky dress at a little thrift shop called Land of the Lost. I scored some Andy Warhol wrapping paper from Uncle Fun.

It was the third time for my roomies and I to see him perform, the boys hadn't really listened to him. The first band was called Titles, and they were pretty good. Then we heard Andy Hull , who blew me away. Next up was Kevin, who was completely devine. Last was
, but I only really liked one of his songs.

Kevin sang a new song about a dog named Murphy, which was really odd because my dog is named Murphy. I talked to him about it after the show. He thought it was a strange coincidence as well.

I have a lot of respect for that man. He comes to the show after being on the road all day, he has a cold, but he puts his heart and soul into his performance, then as soon as he gets done, hes tired and sweaty but he goes straight to his merch booth to sell stuff, chat with fans and pose for pictures. I've never heard him be rude to a fan. He's so humble and down to earth.

( Kevin Devine )

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