Saturday, April 5, 2008

The View From the Afternoon

I had a wonderful afternoon today. Rachel, Barb, & I went to Chicago to see the Henry Darger Exhibit. If you don't know much about Henry Darger, you should really check him out. Basically, he was a Janitor, who lived alone, and had no family. When he died, the landlord began clearing out his apartment, which he had inhabited for about 40 years, and they discovered that he had written a 15,000 page novel and had piles of illustrations for it. The exhibit was amazing! They re-created part of his apartment inside of the gallery.

After that we decided to walk around for a bit, and we found this:

The Boring Store! It is a really cool 'spy supply store' where all the money goes to benefit their free tutoring service and writing workshops for inner city kids in Chicago. I bought this awesome tote bag.

(Arctic Monkeys)

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