Sunday, August 24, 2008

Come Into Our Room

Last weekend I moved into my new dorm room! It is pretty fabulous. Actually, when we got here, and began moving into our room, they told us that we had once again been switched. At the time, I was really annoyed, and I complained a lot. I just don't handle sudden changes like that very well. It actually turned out to be for the better, because our new room has been re-modeled. We have a section of tile just inside the door as well as in the kitchen, and new cabinets. The other rooms have ancient carpet through the whole apartment, and crusty cabinets.

It is a lot more spacious since there are only three of us sharing it. Which is a really nice change. I feel much more like a grown up now that I am in an apartment, as apposed to feeling like a camper on a youth group retreat.

Check out how amazing this oven is! My new red pots and pans look adorable with it!

I would love to show you more pictures later, once we are really settled in.

(The M's)

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Girl Land said...

Ahhhh, moving in. I miss college. Sometimes. :)

Glad to hear you got ahold of Danielle! Lemme know what happens...xo