Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Song of Alice

Tim Burton is re-making Alice In Wonderland?!


For Disney?


Entirely CGI?


I have so many mixed emotions about this. Apparently it is going to have 3D elements too. As said before, no more 3D for me after seeing Journey to the Center of the Earth. My heart can't take it. I had heard rumor a while back about a movie called Phantasmagoria, all about Lewis Carroll, starring Marilyn Manson. What came of that? I was so intrigued. Perhaps those were early rumors of this movie....

Well, I just checked on it, and apparently they are two separate movies. One to be directed by Manson, and probably be a more horrific portrayal of things, the other to be directed by Burton, who knows what direction it will go in. I am just surprised to hear that disney would want to re-make Alice...

Oh dear. This could be such the disappointment...

(Keren Ann)

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