Tuesday, September 15, 2009


For many years now it has been my dream to be seller at the Renegade Craft Fair, and this year the dream came true.

People really loved the quarter machine. It was our best seller! You put in 25 cents and out comes a miniature print. How fun!

I sold lots of buttons, a bag, a print, and one of my pointing hand cards.

It was so hard to stay in the booth with so much going on around us, so we took turns wandering around. Then when I was done with my shift I shopped more, and even came back the next day with Chris and Kym. It only comes once a year, so I had to soak in as much as possible. I really didn't spend much money, but I brought home a bag full of stuff both days. I can't show you everything I bought just yet because it is for someone's birthday, but here is the rest:

Of course I could not resist getting another hedgehog card from Rhymes With Twee. I also got some Timber buttons with designs that I have been drooling over for some time now. And finally, a cute little spool of red and white twine from Paper Stories. Of course, I also ended up with enough business cards and fliers to re-build a forest. I can't help it, I just love to look at everyone's card designs. I keep them in those handy clear business card holder sheets for binders.

I signed up for the Craftside mailing list and received that journal for free. Then there was this one stall that had free frames and green glitter spray paint and several demo stations where they would show you how to make a rustic looking frame or something using one of their other spray products on the free frame. I didn't really like the look of it, so we all just snatched up the freebies and moved on. I'm not that into glitter, but I am curious to how it looks in spray form. Could be fun around Christmas. The frame now has a picture in it and is awaiting its very own spot on our frame wall.

Only three days at my new internship and already it was straight to Renegade. Although I wasn't as prepared for the event as I would have hoped to be, I still think that I did well. It was a fantastic experience.


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