Sunday, December 6, 2009


Wow. What a CrAzY weekend! Somehow everything ended up getting piled into it. Friday we had "the Hashbrown" and I ended up being at Spudnik for 14 hours straight. Angee bought me dinner because she is a great boss! I didn't mind working overtime, but i didn't get home until around one, and then we had Renegade the next day (which was Fantastic!) I made about $40, and spent most of it there.

I wish I could show you pictures of the cards I bought from A Favorite Design, but she does not have them on her site. They have some ink and some blind embossing, which is hard to capture in a photo. They are from her series of typography humor.

The other card I got is from Elevated Press. I was so excited because it looked like the Salem North Star dishes that I have, which I told the lady and she said that those dishes were her inspiration for the series!

Aaaand they had a free photo booth there all weekend long!

(Jimmy Eat World)

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