Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can't Help Faling In Love

It has been a while since we had to say goodbye to our dear friend Murphy and our house just seems so lonely without a dog trotting around. We knew we wanted to adopt, and we wanted a younger dog who was housebroken, not a puppy!

Then yesterday we went to an adoption event at Petco because they said there would be cocker spaniels from a rescue organization. Inevitably, all of the dogs up for adoption were puppies. And there he was- a liver and white cocker spaniel with the saddest face you've ever seen. Though he was not very large, he seemed to awkwardly tower over all of the much younger puppies.

Our spaniel loving family was enamored.

We came to find out that this sweet little boy had a sister who had to stay home because she wasn't feeling too well. We had to meet her, so we went back to Petco this morning. The pair was even more irresistible than we could have imagined.

So we took them both home!

This is Henry:

And this is June:

They love each other very much.

And so do we! They were born on October 28, 2009, so they are just little things.

(We are still a little unsure of their names, so feel free to give us your opinion!)

(Elvis Presley/The Jordanaires)

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