Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Lobster Quadrille

I never took the time to post my review of the new Alice In Wonderland movie! How could I forget?

I have seen it twice now, and both times in 3D. This is strange for me because I really do not like 3D movies. Much of the time it seems like they just want to see how much stuff they can throw out at the audience, which makes my heart rate jump in the worst way, and after a while my eyes hurt. Point being - this movie really didn't do that. I highly recommend seeing it in 3D while it is in the theater. Falling down the rabbit hole was spectacular. But by far, the one thing that makes the 3D all worthwhile is the Cheshire Cat.

He slowly and gracefully floats out into the audience, so delicately that you would swear he was real. It absolutely blew me away.

My one complaint: Cut the dance scenes. Seriously.

GO! Before it is too late!

(Franz Ferdinand)

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