Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Here it Goes Again

It has been awful weather here lately. Remember a few posts back when I mentioned the lone tree trunk left from our large tree? It fell over yesterday. My sister called my dad just after lunch to report that the power was out and she had heard the tree falling.

It landed in our neighbors yard, ripping out all of the surrounding electrical wires and breaking the telephone pole in two on its way down.

The fire department came to monitor the situation for safety purposes while everyone waited for ComEd to mosey over. They sent one guy with a chain saw. That's it! Well, clearly he couldn't handle it, so he sat in his truck for 2o minutes, then left, not telling us anything! My father called ComEd again and they said they were going to have to send several trucks, and they might have the power back on by 11pm. Eventually a crew from a tree removal service came out and did some work then left. Shortly after, we got to watch this guy unload a new telephone pole. It was like those claw arcade games!

It was a long time before ComEd finally came back. They had to drive their truck through our rain-soaked yard, and surprise surprise, it got stuck (coming and going.) They were able to have the power on by 9:00pm, which is better than 11 I guess, but it is just a temporary fix. We still have all of the tree remains, (it's "not their job" to get rid of it, jest move it out of their way) our lawn is shredded, and the new telephone pole remains where the delivery guy set it. They didn't come back at all today. Who knows when we will be seeing them again.


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