Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday's One Dollar Hollar!

I have been to a lot of thrift stores. While every one is different, there are some commonalities such as the dreaded grab bag. They take a plastic bag and pile a bunch of miscellaneous stuff into it so you can kind of see what is in there, but not very well, and you can't open it. If you see just one item you really want, you have to pay for the whole bag of junk, which is always over priced.

The word Michigan next to a beautiful picture of a robin caught my eye. The other items in the bag were, of course, not so great, and the price was $3.89. I knew from experience that that this store was a bit more laid back with their pricing, so I thought maybe they would be up for a negotiation. I took the bag to the front and explained that I really only wanted the one tea towel and asked if he would be able to sell it to me individually. He agreed, removed the item, and only charged me $1! I was amazed.


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