Sunday, March 13, 2011


It's been a very vintage weekend! We went to antique shops, thrift stores and even a flea market. Behold my treasure:

Beautiful isn't it? Let's take a closer look at some pieces.
I'm a sucker for pretty packaging. I just love the tiny needle and thread at the bottom of this label.

The tag at the antique shop said these were ornaments. I assume they clip onto the branches. The colors are so bright and fun!

Had to snatch up this cute little blue bird! SO sweet how he seems to be gesturing to the right. I am perplexed about this mushrooms though. I can't decide whether to paint them or leave the natural wood. I'm not the biggest fan of dark wood, but they were too fun to pass up! So, to paint, or not to paint? Let me know what you think.

Though slightly yellowed by age, this darling hanky captures several of Chicago's beautiful attractions. I assume it came from Marshall Fields since the clock is right in the center. Once it is pressed and cleaned I will have to look for a frame or something.

Tiny trees, pewter fox, owl charm, and circus elephant. Itty bitty adorable!

Sweet little glass. Apparently from the 60's, this glass is part of a series of 6. Each one is a different color (I already have the black one) and features different animals face to face with their toy counterparts.

That's all for now!

(Abandoned Pools)


Rachell Taylor said...

I love when I come home with a pile of treasure like this. I definitely think you should paint the mushrooms or perhaps decoupage it with fun prints? Post whatever you do!

Anonymous said...

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momma b said...

Jealous of your glasses! I collect them :) they're called swanky swigs. They had cheese and peanut butter in them. Usually Kraft. Also, I agree that you should paint the mushrooms. Love your blog!

Claire said...

Seriously amazing finds!!
I am jealous of the glass!!
Well done