Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Science of Sleep...or lack thereof

I have a new favorite movie - The Science of Sleep. My best friend and I happened to pick it up @ blockbuster one day and fell in love. We had to go and buy it, and have been watching it over and over since. It is so artsy. I highly reccomend it.
One of the characters makes little stuffed animals that are so boss! I watched an interview w/ the real artist behind it. It makes me want to go make things myself. That little dog is a summer project... my only succesful stuffed critter this far.

As for the lack of sleep portion of my title, please note the picture of the energy drinks. Caffine never keeps me awake. So, while my fellow art students are kicking back double shots, I fall asleep on my drawings. Then, I discovered a solution! My friend brought home two cases of Max Velocity energy drinks that she got for free. I drank 3 cans, thinking it would do nothing to me, but that night I was able to stay wide awake and get my project done, then fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. No wierd side affects or hyperactivity. YES!

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