Thursday, April 5, 2007

I Disappear

There is a song for everything.

If you look back at my last two posts, they have song titles.
My Standard break from life - Alkaline Trio
Modern Way - Kaiser Cheifs
I think that I will keep with this theme. (Just like One Tree Hill, Ashlyn!)
I disappear - The Faint

Well, I disappeared for a while there... sorry
Sometimes life just takes over everything.

My birthday came and went. Thank you to everyone who made it one of the best ever.
I spent it in my favorite place, naturally - Chicago.
Adam has been working on some great photos from the day. Keep it up kid!

The picture today is once again from my digital tools class. It is a "self portrait" collage done using adobe illustrator and photoshop. I make collages all the time, but never like this. I really enjoyed it. I am entering this in the student art competition. We shall see how that goes...

Reading From A to B is even better the second time around. I just love Andy Warhol. He is so funny and I just want to cover my walls in quotes from this book. Like this one:

"People should fall in love with their eyes closed. Just close your eyes. Don't look."

Hard to do. We are always looking aren't we? I try not to, but no matter what, there always seems to be someone to look at. I want to close my eyes. I want to let God run things, after all it is his job, right? I am too afraid. It feels like life is a staring contest. If I blink, I lose.

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