Thursday, April 5, 2007

Sleeping In

Me: I love my bed.

Barb: I love my bed too. We don't spend enough time together.

I didn't have to get up till 9:30 this morning. No digital tools today. Happy Easter! I am done w/ class till monday.

"I never fall back to sleep," I said. "It seems like a dangerous thing to do. A whole day of life is like a whole day of television. TV never goes off the air once it starts for the day, and I don't either. At the end of the day the whole day will be a movie. A movie made for TV."

~Andy Warhol~

Official countdown: 16 days until the last day of class.
I can not wait for a break
I do not want to pack up my room.

Barbie, it just will not be the same without you this summer. I am so glad that we will be rooming together again next year.

(The Postal Service)

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