Thursday, May 3, 2007

Back Home

Yesterday, Adam went home (sniffle) and I started my new job. There is tons of work to do with the new building opening up this summer. The first task is to take apart Creekside - yay! Just me and one other person so far (he handles the heavy stuff!) It is minimum wage, but we can take whatever we want than kids left behind in their studios. You wouldn't believe all the junk! So far I got 3 new sketchbooks, a stack of blank DVDs, and a new set of acrylic paints! Yeah Baby!

I still havn't unpacked really. Nor have I started any art projects. I went to Art Chicago on monday w/ Adam, Eric, Barbie, and Pro V. It was tons of fun and I was really inspired. I wrote down a lot of ideas while we were there and I can't wait to get started on projects!!

p.s. I saw a fox on my way out of the house, but he hid when I got out the camera. Can you see his little ears sticking up?


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remo.da.drummer said...

1)I'll always be with you... here *points to stomach* in your heart... (idk, but whenever they sing the national anthem on tv the polititions always put their hands over their bellies...)

2) Mikey's a good guy, get to know him

3) I have an amazing picture of pro-v

4) Foxes are the most coolest animal there is, and of course you couldn't get a picture of him, because he's way to smart and fast and uber to let you