Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Miss You

Well, it turns out that my Mac needs a new hard drive. I have been without it since Monday night and I feel totally lost without it. I use it for everything! Silly how my life seems to be contained in a little box.

I have not really said much about my job in a while. As I said before, we are cleaning up a building on campus to move things onto a new building and we have to go through what was left behind by students. That means there is a lot of stuff up for grabs. So here is what I have acquired: 3 new sketchbooks, a stack of blank DVDs, a new set of acrylic paints, a thimble, an awesome swivel chair for my studio next year, hot-glue sticks, photos of Europe, cool stickers, some word magnets, a mug (from England), a tiny magnifying glass & a small bottle of lotion. It really isn't a bad job. Although I did spend yesterday afternoon scrubbing microwaves and mini fridges to move w/ everything else, only to find this morning that some students had decided to come back for a couple of them after all.

(Blink 182)

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remo.da.drummer said...

dang girl, you totally came out on top with that job. and I totally want that mug