Saturday, June 2, 2007


Friday was a horrible day, but a good night.
I still had not recieved my call from Apple, so I decided to call them and find out why it was taking so long, only to learn that it was ready. Who knows how long it had been ready, but they were supposed to call and tell me and they didn't. So I went in and got it, came home, tried to open itunes, it was locked, called apple support, fixed that, opened iphoto, not a single one of my pictures was there... all kinds of problems kept popping up, but I eventually got the pictures back where they belong. You see, we had to pay them $99 for some care plan so that they would transfer all of my files over for me, but I guess they didn't care if I could access them or not. I ended up spending 3 HOURS on the phone with 7 DIFFERENT PEOPLE! Now add that to the 2 trips to their store in february to have a part replaced, and 2 trips in the past week to have another part replaced, all since I bought the thing last June. Well guess what, it is STILL MAKING THAT CRAZY NOISE! The 7th guy I talked to yesterday wants to look into my case, but I think that I am going to have to make a very special visit to the Apple store and demand that they give me a new computer and perhaps a significant refund from their horrible data transfer work. I hate to get upset with the employees that are not to blame for it, but when I picked up my computer yesterday, before I knew about all these new problems, I most definately expressed how upset I was. I feel like they are not very concerned about the fact that my $2000 computer started falling apart after about 6 months of use. That just is not supposed to happen, but wait, it as happened before to me. I bought an ipod mini from them a while back, and after only 2 weeks of use i had to send it in and get a new one because it was defective. Hmm... every time I bite into an Appple I find half of a worm.

Well, now that I released some steam,
onto the good night I mentioned.
I got together with a group of friends that hasn't all been together in over a year. It was a blast! We had some strange conversations, as usual. I am still amazed that we managed to sync our schedules enought to pull it off!
::sigh:: It was great to see all of you girls. I love you so much.


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remo.da.drummer said...

That's a serious bummer about Macky. I know how crippling it can be to lose your computer! I hope you can get everything straightened out and maybe get some money back too. Miss you