Monday, June 18, 2007

Capturing Moods

I went to the doctor today, a nasal specialist actualy. I was pretty excited because I am so sick of being congested and I really want to find a solution. He had to numb my nose with some spray and look inside with a microscope. Very strange. Now he wants me to get a cat scan and allergy testing, and since I have tried many medications already, getting shots may be my only option. ::sigh::

Well, as promised, here are some more photos for you. (shot by Eric Secker)
First we have Lauren sporting the pinstripe jacket purse, with an "everyhting nice" bracelet on her wrist, and a little stuffed dog in her hand.
Jessica shows off a set of six 1" buttons packaged in a casette tape case, with a ribbon bracelet on her wrist and a dinosaur keychain, humorously hung from her gauged ear.
The last picture features my paintings of some women who inspire me, Twiggy, Edie, and Audrey.

(Rilo Kiley)

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Kabuki said...

omg you need to check out this site for inspirations and such.