Thursday, June 7, 2007

Consequence of Sounds

Well, I'm sure you are all dying to hear the dramatic conclusion to my Apple story. We didn't let it go. My dad talked to someone higher up in and they took a look at my case and they have decided to give me a new computer, which is actually better than the model I have. It is the same size, just upgraded. It is the latest and greatest release from Apple; faster and more eco-friendly. I might end up transfering my files without their help this time, but I am willing to let go of that issue because they are giving me a new computer.

No more crazy sounds! Yay!

Well, today I am getting everything for the big trip this weekend. Me and three of my friends from college discovered that we all have a connection to an area in Indiana, so we planned a trip back there. It will be really crazy to see where I lived for seven years, my house, my elementary school, everything. I haven't been back there in eight years. I wonder how much it has changed.

My little sister and I had a dollar store adventure today. We found a clear clip-on cover for her cell phone, and we added some wrapping paper to it. I think it looks pretty nice!

(Regina Spektor)

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