Wednesday, June 6, 2007

On the Table

My most recent work is this little guy. Not a very good picture, sorry.

Ahh, work. Yesterday I scrubbed tables for so long that my hands smelled of bleach & remained pruny well into the evening. Then today we had to move all of those tables into another room, only to be told later on that there was a mistake and we had to put them all back again. Eric and Owen showed up, which was really awesome! I miss seeing you guys everyday. It is so strange to think that I can thirve in an environment where I am surrounded by people but be equally happy on my own.

I have been going through one of my "why can't I be done w/ school?" phases. I am very excited about being back at college, I plan on doing a lot of fun things over the next three years. I just want to be done with the stress of school, and there is so much living to be done after college that I just want to be at that point now. Mainly, I just want to stop this shuffleing between home and dorm rooms and go find my wonderful (dog friendly) Chicago apartment.

(A.C. Newman)

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