Sunday, June 24, 2007

Laughing City

We Headed for home today, but made a very special stop along the way. We had lunch with my Aunt, Uncle, & cousin at their new house. It is so cool! It has 5 different levels, and the rooms seem to never end!
I love when we get together with them. My Uncle has what they like to call "humor turret syndrome", and I'm thinking my dad has it too... This means, they cannot contain their jokes, it just comes out. I wouldn't want it any other way! When they get going we all join in too and feed off of each others jokes.
My Aunt is an amazing cook! It was so great to fill up on her amazing food before hitting the road again.

We made it home barely in time for the 4400. I had forgotten to set the VCR, but I ran to the TV only about 2 minutes into the show. For those of you that watch, a few thoughts:
I don't think Alana is coming back any time soon, and I am really hoping for Tom and Diane to get together.
If the show wants to have Jordan Collier as a paralell to Jesus Christ, thats fine by me, but it seems a little too close. JC, the line about giving and taking away people's abilities, the beard and long hair...
Sean looks emo now.
I knew art girl wasn't real, but I wish she was. Then Kyle could date her. :)

I made this little business guy in the car. He is all ready for a day at the office!


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