Saturday, June 23, 2007

...Baby One More Time

Today is the day my relatives come over to the grandparent's house to visit and introduce us to the newest member of the family. Her name is Ruby. Now, I am not really one to get excited about kids. I usually have to get to know them a little before I get attached, but I completely fell for this little girl. To my surprise, I really wanted to hold her. I think it was because she was very calm and content, a little wiggly, but pretty snuggly too. She slept a lot, as seen above snuggled into her mother's arms.
My little sister grew up the baby of the family, then my cousins got married and had kids. I think it was hard for her to adjust to it, but now that the baby of the family is once again a girl, she is happy.
My mom took my sister and I to the thrift store down the road, and I got some shoes. I found a really awesome board game, but it was missing some pieces, so I have decided to look for it elsewhere. It is called Urban Myth, and the box immediately caught my eye, and I'm sure that is no surprise to you.
Later, my Grandma got out all of her jewelry to go through and pass on to me. I got tons of stuff, some to re-make into new pieces, and some very meaningfull things. I now have both her's and my Grandpa's class rings, her sorority pin, a cuckoo-clock pin from Germany, and several other interesting things.

Bad news of the day, still waiting for my new computer, but this one up and died today. It did the same thing it did last time, when they said I needed a new hard drive. It has gone waaay past the last straw w/ this whole apple deal. I am so frustrated.

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Sarah M. said...

I wish I had a Nifty Thrifty Shoppe! Shop with an "e" no less. :)

I love the name Ruby too, and I like those pics of her because they look kinda old school.

You should post some pics of your new game.

P.S. Thanks for linking to my blog too. ;)