Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Paint's Peeling

If you can believe it, more painting.

Mike: "Maybe if we sing, the time will go by faster."
JeanaLe: "This is the job that never ends..."

We took 5 to go outside and greet the storm clouds. It was funny how the rain started by dropping a few extra-large drops and then beginning to pour.
I got paint in my eye, more than usual... all over my contact. Eww! I got it off though.
E-mailed this shirt design off to a screen printer for a quote. What do you think of it? I have no Idea how much things like that cost, but I hope they are reasonable because I have a lot of shirt designs in my mind.
Eric and Owen came by tonight. Owen brought Smarties for Barb and I. (Barb, I will hang on to your box for you.)
The Urban Myth board game was on ebay at a decent price, and I won the bid, so I now have a package in the mail to look forward to. Who knows, it may even beat my new macbook pro to the door!

(Rilo Kiley)

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