Monday, July 2, 2007

These Days

Today rocked.
My Urban Myth game came in the mail! :)
These days I have been needing a break from my surroundings. I don't recommend going to school in the town you have lived in for 8 years and then working there over the summer while taking an online class. It has started to get to me.
So, I went with some friends to visit another friend who is house sitting. We played Urban Myth... I'm not sure if we played it correctly, but it was fun. Then we watched some Dane Cook, went to Panera, watched more Dane... Then I finally got to watch Wicker Park and it was amazing! I love to watch movies that take place in Chicago. It just makes it more interesting to me if I recognize things. The soundtrack is really good, and I actually had that before I saw the movie.
After that I headed back to campus to see a few other friends, like my rockin' roomie Barb!

Since I have done nothing creative lately, here's another tie photo. Sometimes cameras feel like dressing up too.

(Mates of State)
p.s. This is on the soundtrack!

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Anonymous said...

Wicker Park is definately one of my favorite movies. I'm thinking of coming to Chicago the second week of August. Hmm.