Friday, June 22, 2007


Today we headed for Nebraska to visit the extended fam (on my mom's side). I eagerly volunteered to do some driving part way through the trip, never having driven our new Prius before. After about a half hour, the skies opened up and before I knew it I could barely see in front of the car, the lines began to vanish, and all of the other cars were putting on their hazards and pulling over or getting off the road. I asked my parents if they wanted me to keep driving, but they suggested that I take the next exit. (They seemed much more nervous than I was, and I was driving!) I couldn't even see a sign, I just followed the taillights of the car in front of me. As we got off the highway, the roads were floaded with muddy water, we didn't know where we were, I saw one building and just pulled into the parking lot. My dad called my uncle to check for tornado warnings and such. He said there was high winds and flash flooding, but it should pass over in about 15 minutes. So we sat, and when it cleared we could see the warm and comforting glow of a Target store across the parking lot.
My dad and I made a mad dash through the rain to switch drivers, and pressed on. I got to see something pretty spectacular later. The sky was really bright along the horizon, and it made this one dark cloud illuminated so that you could see the rain falling from it and blowing about. There was such a distinct line between the clear sky and the rainy sky. I thought it was really interesting.
We made it to Grandma's house eventually.

In keeping with the rain theme, here's a shot that I took last week.

(Death Cab For Cutie/All Time Quarterback)

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