Friday, August 17, 2007

Going Away To College

Where did the summer go?
Nancy arrived today and I helped her to move in, while sneaking in a few things of my own. Our new room is pretty great. The bathroom is a little small for three people to share, especially when compared to the the huge one the four of us had to share last year. It is gonna look good though. Our Shower curtain is pink and Zebra striped!
What took the most time was configuring the beds. We wanted to come up with a way to stack and save space, while making it easy to get into & usable for seating others who visit us. Through trial and error we eventually ended up with a pretty sweet set up I think. Hopefully Barbie will like the way we have the room set up because we will be really settled in by the time she gets to move in next weekend.
It feels strange being in a new building. The idea of living there for the next year is still sinking in. Our building used to be a Ramada Inn before the school bought it, so right now it still feels like, and smells like, a hotel. Every year the RA's decorate the hall, but I guess they are going to do it later this week, because right now the halls are totally blank, thus emphasizing the hotel feel.
Our walls are already getting a new look. If any of you remember how our walls looked last year, this may look a bit familiar.

(Blink 182)

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