Sunday, September 16, 2007

The City Is Here For You To Use

Day #2 of Renegade.
It was so nice, we went twice.

Barb and I went back for more crafty fun @ Renegade, and we took Trish and my mom with us.
Here are all of the goodies I accumulated over the weekend.

Funny story about the ribbon magnet. I have been talking about making something like it for a long time now. We actually had a conversation about it on the way to Renegade yesterday, and then there it was! Ta-da!
I saw so many of my favorite vendors this year: Rar Rar Press , Etsy , Readymade Magazine ...

We also discovered a fantastic little shop called Penelope's . That is where I bought the hedgehog tape.

(The Futureheads)

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