Saturday, September 15, 2007

Silver Lining

Today I went to the Renegade Craft Fair & the Rilo Kiley concert with Barb and Chris.
What a fantastic way to spend the day!
Renegade was such a great time. Barb and I intend to return tomorrow.

It was a bit surreal to be in a theatre packed with Rilo Kiley fans. I barely ever meet people who have heard of them... This new album release has really boosted their fame. They have been featured in a lot of different magazines lately.

Cramming into the train with half the audience was a fun experience. We met a really sweet woman who was very surprised to see so many people pile onto the train in the middle of the night. She was eager to hear about the show, and supply us with plenty of her favorite chewing gum - watermelon.

(Rilo Kiley)

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royaloaker said...

Jenny Lewis is so cool. Who would have guessed she was a child star? I haven't heard their new cd yet, but I think "Does He Love You?" maybe one of my all time fave songs. Sigh.

Looks like you had fun at Renegade! I had some vendor friends there who said it was a great turnout.