Thursday, January 10, 2008


Has TV run out of ideas? I think so. They have stretched the concept of reality TV as far as they can with elimination competitions for top models, super models, photographers, designers, hair dressers, washed up celebrities, and people who don't really seem to do much of anything, yet are still on TV... Please, we don't need another "I'm looking for love so I'm gonna fool around with these 10 gorgeous people as I slowly pick them off" show. Now they have to start bringing back things. I was watching the premier episode of American Gladiators, a show that died off 15 years ago and has now been resurrected, and that is when I saw the above trailer for the re-make of Knight Rider. Apparently it is going to be a two hour movie event, which they hope to continue as a series, and yes, Hasselhoff is back...

I don't want you to think I'm anti TV, I do find it hard to really keep up with shows while in school, but it makes you choose the really good ones to stick with. And thanks to the magic of the internet, I can watch a lot of shows at my convenience now. So, what do I think is worth watching?

Pushing Daisies - very quirky and jam packed with witty dialogue
Lost - eh, they never answer your questions, but I just never get tired of it!
The 4400 - way complex, being 4 seasons in, and you kind of have to start from episode 1 season 1, but its so worth it!
Project Runway - the current season is the best yet! I find myself wanting all of them to stay!
The King of Queens - reruns on all the time, always good for a laugh


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