Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hands Away

I have been printing a ton! I finally got the courage to burn my first screen, a woodgrain pattern, which made for several post cards and a few paper bags.

Then I made this amazing screen of a pointing hand.

It came out so nicely, and I guess I put a good amount of ink on it because it just kept printing...

...and printing...

...and printing!

I also came up with the packaging artwork for some new button sets.

Those should make their way into my shop when they are done, as well as some sets of the hand note cards with envelopes.

Aside from all of this I am working on a baby gift for Sarah, but I can't post any pictures yet because I want it to be a surprise.


1 comment:

royaloaker said...

Love the cards and buttons! And EEK can't wait to see your baby handiwork. You are too sweet. xo :)