Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Today was probably the most eventful day of our vacation.
First we visited the Museum of Fine Art. We really enjoyed these giant baby heads out in front!

They were created by artist Antonio López García.

then it was off to the Public Garden to find some very special ducks. Have you read this book by Robert McCloskey?

I sure hope so, but if not, you have missed out. In this story, a momma duck leads her ducklings all around the city of Boston, in search of a nice safe place to live - which ends up being the Public Garden. Now if you visit the garden yourself you can see the statue that was built in honor of the book.

While on our quest to find it, we saw a lot of real life ducklings.

Then we finally found them!

The kids were really enjoying the ducks, and everyone else enjoyed the kids. The tiny one wearing the floppy hat kept trying to eat them. This was definitely my favorite part of the trip!

Afterwards, we went to Faneuil Hall , where we found some super duper ducky souvenirs.
And on our way back to the train station we walked through a very interesting holocaust monument.


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