Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Kids Aren't Alright

I do have many things to post about on the crafty side of things, but first I must get this out of my system. (I decided to use links instead of directly posting videos so it wouldn't take over my whole page, but you should seriously visit all the links if you have time, because it is so funny.)

Have you heard about Yo Gabba Gabba? It is a fairly new kids show on Nick Jr., kind of like the wiggles meets Sesame Street I guess. Well, I had seen the characters around in stores and su, but I didn't really know what it was until Sarah posted a for it. While I was on vacation I saw a Yo Gabba Gabba tee shirt in this really funky store, so i went back to that link for a closer look. I then noticed another posted video with a very familiar face...Elijah Wood?!

It is prety low quality since someone video taped it, but all the other ones I found had people dubbing music over it. That was pretty funny too, the songs ranged from I'm too sexy, to Thriller. Then I found this very clever video.
Then I found that some of my favorite bands were on the show. The Shins as well as the Shiny Toy Guns, called 'the Shinys' to be more kid appropriate. What an awesome show! Exposing kids to some really awesome music and actors, but the kids featured on the show, they aren't alright.
Nathaniel for instance. They talked about him on the tv show the Soup.And I also really enjoyed this video of him.
The there is Seth (check out those hios!) and Julia...really, not OK.

Although I have yet to see a full episode of the show, I love it!

Listening and dancing to music is AWESOOMMMEEEE!

(The Offspring)

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royaloaker said...

I am a selfish parent because I only steer my kid towards shows/music that I can tolerate myself. We don't watch Dora. Or Barney. We don't listen to kid's music in the car-- well, except for They Might Be Giants which is soooo good! I hadn't seen The Shins on YGG. Love them! Ok, and we just taught Q the robot (Go Julia, it's your birthday).