Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Than This

I do so wish that I did not have my online environmental science class to worry about because I want to devote all my spare time to working on new designs for printmaking. This class makes me feel so productive. Being almost four hours long, I have plenty of time to work on projects. Just today I mixed ink to make 5 prints from some woodcuts, designed/drew out all the parts for a new multicolor print, shot the screen, turned my woodcut prints into buttons, and added a layer to a shirt in progress. I don't waste any time in that class, and I am pretty far ahead of the other students it seems.

Here are some other shirts I've made.

The turquoise parts glow in the dark!

These are the buttons I have made so far, I have one . For our assignment we have to do 5 designs: 1 woodcut, one silkscreen, one combination, and two of whatever we want.more design to do.

I made this shirt and some prints on paper,

Then we scanned the print and shrank it down to make the buttons in the picture above.

I'm only halfway through the class so there will be lots more to come!

(The Cure)

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royaloaker said...

Ack. You know I love all your buttons. Especially the hobo/runaway squirrel. I prefer to think he's a hobo. :) Looks great!