Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Phone Call

When I was really little I remember my dad watching a tv show about a detective whose shoe was also a telephone. I didn't remember the name of it until a few years ago - Get Smart. I always loved the concept of the shoe phone dearly. I have been reminded of it again recently because the movie is out now, and since my purchase of the cheeseburger phone, it occurred to me that one may exist somewhere out there. So I hopped on ebay and ta-da:

Now there is a great part of me that says I ought to just make one, but who knows how that would go over. I also wonder how difficult it would be to actually hold that shoe while you talk... and it seems a bit silly to spend money on such a thing if it doesn't really function.

I thought if they have these for cell phones,

then somebody ought to make one that is a shoe.

(The Faint)

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