Sunday, August 10, 2008

Anywhere I Lay My Head

It has been a long and difficult journey but the living situations are sorted. The boys were assigned a new room, and apparently it just hasn't shown up on their student records because it is the weekend. ::shrug:: The important thing is that we have homes, in our desired buildings, and just a few rooms apart! Last year Chris and I were at polar opposites of campus, which was soooo not fun in the winter. This also means that we will be next door neighbors with Ashlyn, Hannah, Lela, and Kym! How exciting!

I am so relieved to be in the apartment style housing this year. I will have a kitchen that I only have to share with 3 people, and the bedroom and living room are actually separate rooms! I am so looking forward to counter space, room to store food and dishes, and a regualr sized refrigerator. I can freeze more than just a hot pocket!

The funny thing is that each year I move into a bigger room, but the bathrooms get smaller.

Along the subject of new homes, the girls discovered this little critter today:

Apparently they found this caterpillar who was in the process of making his cocoon when his web broke and they decided to bring him inside. He was fidgeting about with that cocoon for most of the afternoon and evening, as you can see in the photo, but when I came home tonight it looked like he had finally finished it and found the right place to hang it. I wonder what sort of butterfly it will become.

(Scarlet Johansson / Tom Waits)

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