Saturday, August 9, 2008

Time Is Running Out

I simply must tell you the saga of the dorm room, as condensed as I can.
There has been a lot of stress surrounding the dorm room situations this year. This stress began way back during last semester trying to determine who would room together. By May it was finally determined : My room would have Barb, Nancy, & Stephanie; Chris's room would have Adam, Jameson, & Jimmy.

Then July rolled around and we received e-mails saying that housing assignments would be sent out by the end of July. Chris received his room number, but August 1st came and went and I still had none. Then as of yesterday Chris, Jimmy, Adam, Stephanie, Barb & Nancy had all received their housing assignments - IN THE SAME ROOM! Now, Judson is a private Christian school, where we only get to go into the opposite gender's rooms during specific hours, and must abide by strict rules while there, so the idea of a coed living arrangement is definitely not OK.

In between all of these events there has been numerous exchanges of e-mails, much frustration & stress, and of course, too much having to deal with incompetent staff members. Over the course of 4 months, 4 people have not been able to figure this out? Wouldn't be that big of an issue if it wasn't for this schedule:

August 9 - today
August 16 - Nancy moves in
August 21 - Stephanie & Barb move in
August 26 - First day of classes

If it isn't sorted by next Saturday, there will be problems. Oh, and did I mention that the dorm building we are supposed to move into is currently housing a softball team that won't be leaving until after the 19th? It would appear that Chris and Nancy might have to move twice within the next two weeks due to these softball players.

I just want to relax and enjoy the rest of my summer break without having to worry about this.

::sigh:: Well, that said, I have been working on some really fun projects lately!

I'm making my own cookbook and loving how it is coming out.

Also, Ryan and I are moving ahead on our fabulous plush project. His name is Sid, and soon he will be very cuddly, like my telephones.


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