Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rain City

I was totally stoked for an awesome weekend, but the rain just wouldn't go away!

Last night Haley, Chris, and I went to see Kevin Devine play @ Schubas, with Matt Pryor. Now, seen as this concert was indoors, the rain did not pose much of a problem, just difficult to deal with when were were in transit. Today, we went to the Renegade Craft Fair - an outdoor event. It was horrible. I felt so bad for all of the vendors trying to wrangle their tents and tarps while the rain ruined their merchandise. The weather seemed to affect the turnout as well; I think that there were maybe one fourth of the number from last year.

and Venus Zine both had $5 subscriptions (1-year.) I renewed at Readymade and received a kit to make a fabric luggage tag. Venus Zine gave me a free necklace with my subscription. I also walked away with a $5 print poster, as well as an abundance of business cards, fliers, buttons, & stickers.

Then when I finally arrived home, this is what was waiting for me:

Not fun at all. The water has been shut off all day, and there was a malfunction in the system that caused the fire alarm to go off. I guess that the fire department was already on campus because there was a fire alarm in another building, so they just walked over to ours. To avoid further problems, they shut off the system so if we have a fire, we have to call it in to 911 ourselves. The water has gone down a lot now, but if it rains as much tomorrow, we may have to evacuate.

(Turin Brakes)

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