Sunday, October 26, 2008

Reelin' In the Years

Chris and I celebrated our one year anniversary yesterday. (Don't worry, I'm not going to turn this into one big mushy post.)

I finally got to wear one of the flower hair clips that I made, but it was very windy, and it got stuck in Chris's hair once when I tried to lean on him during the train ride, so I didn't wear it all day.

I gave Chris a shirt he had been wanting and some mint candy bars. Then when he got home at night there was a new pillow with a Domo Kun pillow case waiting on his bed.

We went to Mitsuwa, a huge asian supermarket, on our way into the city. I bought some packages of toothpicks that have this cute little bear on them! One says 'Holiday Kitchen' and the other says 'Weekday Kitchen'. They are so cute! I also got some more of this candy that is basically pastel colored balls of rock candy.

It ended up taking us forever to get downtown because there was construction upon construction all over the El. We finally got to Reckless, and Chris found this album:

It's a musical based on Alice in Wonderland, written by Tom Waits. Apparently it was performed in Germany. Scarlet Johansen sang a couple of the tracks on her recent Tom Waits cover album.

We also went to Ragstock and Paperboy as we made our way to Kitsch'n for dinner. Chris bought me these awesome retro tube socks that I've been searching for. Paperboy was spectacular! It closes pretty early, so I've never gotten to go in. It is owned by Uncle Fun, and is actually right across the street from it. It is very much like the kind of store I dream of having. I recognized a lot of things from vendors I saw at Renegade.

Aside from cold weather and too much construction it was a fabulous day.

(Steely Dan)

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