Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change Is Hard

As you can see, I have been making many changes to my blog using this website. It is really difficult though and I still have to tweak a lot. It requires changing things in the html code, and I am not really sure what I am doing. Does anyone know how I can get there to be a space between the left column and the center? I also am trying to edit the banner size.

A lot of my friends were talking about V for Vandetta today because it is the 5th of November. Ryan had an interesting post featuring a John Lennon song on the subject.

I smell like smoke right now because I went to a bonfire @ Sam's. I like the smell, just not when it follows me around for hours after. Also my eyes kind of burn, but Tyler gave me a whole bunch of Domo Kun display items from Target.

And that's not even all of them! I haven't really got enough room to put them all up, but I am super stoked. Our room is gonna look boss.

I was surprised today that I didn't hear that many angry discussions about the election. I go to a school that is mostly conservative republicans, so I expected to hear a lot more complaining than I did. Then again, the week is young.

(She & Him)

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