Sunday, November 9, 2008

Make You Smile

I hope that these little gnome/mushroom cupcakes make you smile. I made a batch on Friday because I had a lot of people coming over, and then Hannah told me I should make more to enter in the dorm baking contest. (Judging is tomorrow night so I'll let you know how I do.)

I've been doing some interesting print work lately by rubbing acetone on the back of images printed on a laser printer.

I'm still experimenting right now. All of those were done with me having no idea what they were going to look like when I peeled off the paper. I really like where it is going.


1 comment:

Girl Land said...

Those acetone prints are AMAZING!!!! I love the vintage frame one (of course). :)

Hey, looks like you got your blog layout looking good! You happy with it? Sorry I couldn't have been more help. However, providing you with information on html is slightly like the blind leading the seeing. xo