Sunday, December 21, 2008

Don't Let Me Down

Chris and I went to downtown Chicago with my family to spend the day with my cousin Ashley. It was tons of fun, but I have to say that Macy's has totally let me down. The "Great Tree" was lame, just covered in a bunch of average toys. The window displays were even worse!

What is that!?

Mom and Ashley were almost hit by a kamikaze pigeon at the Christ Kindl Market. (Very traumatizing.) The market smelled amazing from all of the booths selling German food, but we had just eaten at Cosi so we didn't try anything. We also saw some adorable cuckoo clocks.

It was a very fun day, despite the Macy's disaster.

3 more days until Christmas!

(Dana Fuchs)

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Girl Land said...

My mom said the Macy's windows were horrid too!!! Bummer.