Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just Like Christmas

Oh what a Christmas it has been! My family just got home from visiting relatives. We left the day after Christmas, and the weather was supposed to be great, but that didn't really work out so well. It was actually very terrifying.

It was really great to get to spend time with other family members that I do not get to see very often. We celebrated my grandmother's birthday with all four of her kids together - a rare occasion. It is nice to be safely back at home though.

And now for my report on the Christmas haul. I was indeed, very spoiled.

and this frame

I got all of the things I have had my eye on from Bake It Pretty: the woodland cookie cutters, the striped cupcake papers, and plastic records & turntables. My search for gray sweatpants has ended with a comfy new pair. I cute mushroom tin (full of 'shroom shaped candies!) and a handmade felt ornament by my mother. Jo-Ann has this line of cut and sew retro aprons. My favorite was 'the Doris', which coincidentally is my Grandmother's name. The toaster and Stump pedestal were not technically gifts, they were post Christmas sale finds using my Christmas gift cards and money. At Target I found not only this great pedestal,

but a matching tray,

& this adorable black tray. All for 50% off!

We noticed that as a family, we received a large amount of green gifts.


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