Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Merriest

So, I went a little nuts. I've been taking full advantage of the post-Christmas sales and making out like a bandit! I found all of the items in my previous post (the woodland tray & pedestal, and black tray) for 75% off, so I bought them and returned the others. Haha!

I bought several ornaments and other holiday decorations. The matryoshka dolls and yellow bird gift tags are from Kmart's Martha Stewart collection. The mushrooms and spools of rick rack are from World Market. The rest, tree topper, empire state building, rectangular tray, string lights, bird, eiffel tower, teapot, and frame, are all from Target. I am planing to spray paint the frame black. Also, those Target gift bags are made from recycled paper. Super cute even though robins are not a very Christmasy bird.

More wrapping paper, (as if I needed it) the red/white polka dot and flocked deer are from Hobby Lobby, and the green flocked roll is from Target.

I found this interesting book by Lemony Snickett (author of the Series of Unfortunate Events) Called The Latke Who Couldn't Stop Screaming, which is about a potato pancake that runs away. It is quite a ridiculous story, but it has adorable illustrations, and a slightly educational value. It was half off at Borders.

The fabric I picked up at Walmart. Surprisingly, I had the hardest time finding buffalo plaid fabric. It is such a popular print lately so that doesn't really make sense to me. I plan to make stockings with it. Readymade has a great PDF pattern here. Not sure what I will do with the mustard color fabric, but at $1 a yard I couldn't pass it up!

These are my most recent thrift store purchases. The glass is from 2002 sold at McDonalds, so it isn't all that thrilling, but it has a lot of '50s elements. The colors are fun and there are lots of sputnik and boomerang shapes.

The other item is this funky shaving mug. The back says "Where the time of your life is right under your nose."

(June Christy)

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