Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lost & Found

Many of you may recall last semester's tragic dish incident. Actually, I don't think I ever posted about it. Well, during a freak dish washing accident my former roommate broke almost all of my dishes - 8 plates, 2 bowls, and my big yellow mixing bowl were demolished. Don't ask me how, because nobody else was there when it happened. Well, I had purchased the plates at Meijer, and they were brand new, but it had been years since I bought them, and I cannot find them anywhere. It was so sad to have them all destroyed because they had such an interesting color, similar to a glittery diner table.

Then just a few days ago Chris showed up at my door holding this:

He had borrowed a plate before the tragic incident occurred, and somehow it was washed and mistakenly put away in their cabinet, only to be discovered during recent cleaning! Oh how my heart leapt when I was reunited with the dish! Perhaps there is hope to find it's matches after all, but even if I don't I am happy to have at least one of them still. The photo does not show how cool it really is.

I had a fantastic weekend of shopping. Saturday we had a field trip for my senior proposal class. The small group of us went to Chicago to shop for art supplies at Pearl and Paper Source. Pearl actually had a little bit of Gocco supplies left in stock so I bought several tubes of ink. Then over at Paper Source I picked up some beautiful pre-cut cards to print on with my Gocco.

Sunday I went to Woodfield Mall with Mel & Michelle to snatch up the winter clearance and V-day sales. I hit the jackpot at Urban Outfitters!

I have been needing oven mitts, and these ones were marked down to $4.99 each! The "Omnivore" tea towel was only $1.99, and best of all, I saw that same block printing kit for $25 at Pearl, but here it was marked down to $9.99. Hot Diggity! Then when I was in line I spotted the Filter magazine with Jenny Lewis on the cover. I can't wait to use all my fun new things!

(Adrienne Pierce)

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