Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fascinating New Thing

I've been taking inventory on my dishes since I recently purchased this on ebay.

I love this thing! It is the first jadite piece I have bought. I asked for a few other pieces for my birthday, and my grandmother told me I could have her two jadite bowls (which have been put to much use over the years!) I am so excited to see this collection forming! I have been wanting to start collecting it for a long time. I really need to get a good collectors guide to help me out.

For many years now I have been dreaming of my own retro themed kitchen. It is already coming together very well. I just bought these a few weeks ago:

For the future, I have my eyes on these chairs and table:

They would be the perfect fit!
I have already acquired quite a few dishes over the years. Most of them have come from the glorious target clearance. At 50-75% off how can you not stock up? I have gone a bit overboard with mugs though. You just find such gems at goodwill and they usually charge 50 cents for them, then suddenly you're overrun by mugs. At least they are useful!

I'm looking forward to the time when I will actually be able to use my dishes. Right now they are all still in their original packaging. I did take a set of red ones to my dorm last semester, but you may have already read about how they met their demise. Since then I dare not take any more of them over to my dorm. So, they are all just stashed away. I forget what I have, so I am going through and writing it all down.


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