Monday, June 29, 2009


I am the biggest blog slacker ever! Now I am going to try to fill you in on what has happened since my last post, without going on and on.

Spring Semester ended.
Chris graduated and went back to Racine.
Summer term began for me with and online English class called "Plays the Shaped the western World" and Printmaking II (@ the community college.)
Chris came back from Racine after 3 weeks and stayed here for just over a month to work at a temp job, but now he is back in Racine again :(

So, I work and go to class. I realized this summer that I have not had a real break from school since I started college. I have taken summer classes every year, but I am really glad I did. It is nice to have so many things out of the way.

Summer has been quite an opportunity to make new friends, or attempt to. I don't think these guys would consider me a friend, but I am so fond of them!

We have a family of woodchucks across the street. We were so excited when we first spotted Mr. & Mrs. woodchuck, and we talked about how wonderful it would be if they had babies. Then one day much later we were discussing that topic when several tiny balls of fluff began to emerge from the woods. It has been quite a treat to see them growing up and stumbling around, but I have not gotten any photos of them. Sorry.

Then there were these critters:

I adore those few baby feathers still stuck to his head!

This toad was in my driveway. I annoyed him greatly as you can tell by his face.

The little fawn was all by his lonesome next to the building I work in. I managed to get very close before he got up on his unstable baby legs. Then I thought I ought to leave him alone.

These two speckle chested robins were being given a lesson on how to catch worms by their daddy on our front lawn.

Soon we should be seeing the rabbit babies emerging from under the bushes in our yard. They come back every year. I am so excited!


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